In All Honesty EP

by Marching Band Solo

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We finally did it! With a lot of help we have finished and are able to present to you our first EP. You can download each of the songs individually or all together as a digital album. When you buy the digital album, you also get pdf liner notes and a video for our song "Mundane".


released April 23, 2013

Produced by Alexander Michael Lindgren at Marshmary Rose Studios.



all rights reserved


Marching Band Solo Wasilla, Alaska

With a range of influences, from The Head and the Heart to the Civil Wars, Marching Band Solo hones old world folk songs with pop accessibility. Poetically insightful lyrics tell sad tales and share life lessons rich in harmonies and deliciously jangly banjo, guitar and piano. We hope you enjoy the tunes! ... more

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Track Name: Ugly
It started with an actual slight
Or imagined, I can't remember which
But the natural trajectory was over the top
And once you get started it gets hard to stop, so we didnt

And it got ugly

It started with a stick and a stone
And a careless, careless word vindictively thrown
And there was no turning the cheek
And once it's been spoken, it's hard to unspeak, so we didn't

And we got ugly

Break, break, we're breaking our hearts
Wake up, from this sleep walking
Wait, wait, is this how we fell apart

And got so ugly
Track Name: In All Honesty
In all honesty
I'm not always the man that I should be
Sometimes I square my shoulders, content to just be me
Sometimes I hang my head so I can't see

In all that I've done
The choices I've made boil down to one
Will I respect the person standing right in front of me
In all honesty

In all honesty
I know exactly what you're worth to me
I see the picture clearly drawn by where I choose to be
And how I spend my time and energy

In clipped, cautious words
You tell me that your feelings have been hurt
Sometimes I choose humility and decide to change my course
Sometimes I choose my pride and make things worse

In this life the things that you hold close
Are written on the faces of the ones that you love most
So spend your life on love, not chasing wealth and other ghosts
In all honesty

In all honesty
I hope someday, when you remember me
With out a doubt you'll know I loved who God made you to be
In all honesty
Track Name: Seed, Flower, Song
On a patch of feathered grass, just off of the walking path
Here I stretch my petals toward a cloudless azure sky
With my thread roots anchored down, into the loamy springtime ground
I witness here the world around, regard the passers by

Without stigma I behold, a man upon the bench unfold
(Petals stretch and leaves unfold)
His bedding made of dirty clothes, no pillow for his head
(To embrace his weary head)
A jogger in the morning light, cursed the unbecoming sight
(Lift your eyes behold the sight)
The resting place an ugly blight, upon the path he tread
(Of the dawning morning’s light)

I had pity on them both
(On the first because he chose)
In differing degrees I suppose
(Disdain in compassion's place)
I had pity on them both
(On the second with his burden)
Brothers born to different clothes
(Unwelcome most any place)

Born a flower for a day, I shall wither fast away
Beauty is a fleeting thing, and fairness quickly fades

As his resting arms unfold, the man raises his greying head
(Petals stretch and leaves unfold)
His waking eyes, still squinting spy a flower in its bed
(To embrace his weary head)
Perhaps a gift for love forgot, perhaps a tribute to the day
(Lift your eyes behold the sight)
He plucks the flower from the ground, a smile lifts his face
(Of the dawning morning’s light)

I was happy for us both
(May my beauty bring him light)
Joyful in our given roles
(Love to guide him in his way)
I was happy for us both
(May our momentary lives)
Brothers born to different clothes
(Bring to others joy in life)